Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Little One on One with Mama Nature

I am off to camping for the next 4 days with The Suitor and some friends at a national park in Maryland. To be honest, the last time I recall going camping was Sunday school, which like anything at that age was highly drama filled weekend full of pre-menstrual girls asking for it and by it I mean "IT"! I think back to what I was doing at that age and all that comes to mind is wrestling with my guy cousins, pretending we were part of the WWF or WWE, whatever was the fad during those days!!  It goes without saying that I had a bit of what you would call a tomboy fad.  I think I would have to attribute it to my sister, who was a true girly girl. One of those girls you catch severing a flower under the false pretense of the infamous girly-girl game "he loves me, he loves me not." I was always shunned from hanging out with her and her friends, leaving me with no other option but my male cousins, and in no way am I complaining!   :-P

Anyway steering back to camping, and what is the first thought to enter my mind, aside from the whole shower situation, because I am a shower snob and need a long luke warm shower in the guessed it....WHAT THE HECK ARE WE GOING TO EAT??? Now I know the guys won't be hunting and roasting a boar fireside (and thank god for that) but what else do you eat while camping? S'mores..yeah ok, blah...all you s'mores lovers don't get me wrong I adore s'mores, but I'm more savory than sweet. ;-) 

I've asked The Suitor to figure this out with our friends, just so I can craft a grocery list, but as tradition goes with any man (and to those of you who are the exception, apologies ahead of time) it's one of the last things on their list of priorities. 

So in true 'dhara' form, I take the initiative. I've already baked some brownies and am planning a menu of chilled mint & pea soup (recipes & pics which I promise to post tomorrow), cooler with some brie, gorgonzola, salami, prosciutto and it goes without saying few bottles of wine to bring with. Not entire certain if alcohol is frowned upon, but ehh, what the hay, I feel the inner Julia coming out in me and I'll take my chances! 

So I'll leave you with Bon nuit mes amis et BON APPETIT!!!!

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