Monday, June 27, 2011

Sleepless in...

Sleepless isn't just a condition in Seattle or Philadelphia for that matter. I have never been a foreigner to sleepless nights but lately I have felt like an stranger within my own norm.  I lay awake, think about the steps in life. My steps in life. Were they right or wrong? How did I grow? What have I learned? 

If our steps had been different, keeping us an "us," in New York or otherwise, where would we be? Would they be subtle and expected or larger than life and spontaneous.  It wouldn’t be drama. It would be us. An us as normative as a bat of an eye.  We’d explore the random nooks and crannies of the City we made home. Wine & dine all while cultivating our own moments. We would break bread, be it ravenous at a Whole Foods, because we can hardly contain ourselves, or at home, barefoot gestures on tippy toes standing in front of the fridge, melting into one another. We'd live, like living should be....

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kissin' a Fool

If you're going to be kissing a fool, it might as well be one who has the power to seductively leave you speechless! Today I found myself in this exact predicament --- kissin' a fool. But not in the context one would expect!

Not how many of you are familiar with squash blossoms but for those of you scratching your head and squinting your eyes in befuddlement, they are the flowers which bare squash. If you're lucky, as I was this past week, you'll be able to find them attached to baby squash. These sweet tender flowers can be roasted, fried, added to salads or blended into a soup, all of which have the ability to seduce your mouth into a delectable trance.

I personally prepped mine without the baby squash.  Lightly poaching then shocking them ice water to maintain the bright crisp sanctity of the flower. I stuffed the blossom with a honey accented goat cheese mousse drizzled with toasted pistachios! The tanginess of the goat cheese, coupled with the sweet nuttiness of the pistachios and delicate cloy of the blossoms left me kissing a fool - in this case _____! (you fill in the blank)

Recipe to follow - Check back soon!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lost Looking for Found

Love is strange, love is wary, love is hard, and love is scary--but without it life is a desert....the peculiar magical alchemy of love has left many astray...I now find myself at a cross roads....

You know what was awesome? When I had this blog a la drama free on the side. The past couple of months have just been increasingly tumultuous. Sense is unheard of...however to stick to its true form tonight we visited a cozy little vino bar with a vast selection of worldly vines and a  spectacular tapas menu!!  I have to admit the cherry on the cake was definitely the quirky yet irrefutable wine descriptions...

I started off with a wine that was "prepared with some naughty spice" the Tinto Joven from Spain! Truly a spectacular wine with great after notes..however I draw my hats down to a shepherd of all wines described as "liquid barbeque". Some may squint or be repulsed however picture this...a spicy spanish influenced wine paired with smoked chorizo! Can you say YUM or can you say YUM! It's like this was a match made in Dhara's heaven!!!  I'm not into biblical references however a match definitely made in the culinary vineyards of "naughty spice" can prove no wrong!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So now that I have a steady grasp on my day-to-day happenings, I'm going to attempt this blogging thing again. The truth is I have missed it and everyday that passed, I felt that little guilt gnaw away at my insides with every stir, flip and bite I took. But I'm back and lets put the past where it belongs, in the PAST!! The last nine months have brought about major changes, both culinary and non-culinary, with the top nine listed below:

9. Discovered I'm not a fan of Copenhagen cuisine - Lard, not my go to delicacy...
8. Semi-cooked/hosted my very first Chanukah dinner. Recipes to come...
7. Cooked my very first dessert! Fresh fig tartlette.
6. Invitation to play in a professional kitchen. Maybe it may not have been a invitation but more of a self delegation...alcohol was definitely involved. Once the details are cleared, I will reveal who and where...and trust me it's a BIG deal!!!
5. Drove a "car" past 15 mph (hit 44 mph to be exact), which segways to #4, however before I do, I feel obligated to note I grew join NYC - we do not drive we hail!
4. Broke, well fractured really, my first bone. Needless to say I will not be "driving" anytime soon!
3. Have my very own place - 2 stories, 2 bedrooms and did I mention it's mine. ALL MINE!
2. I have found and in some instances re-discovered an amazing support system, all which emphasize me!
1. And finally to top it off...I am an aunt of a beautiful baby girl, who has officially left me smitten! I adore you Prisha!