Life List

I enjoy lists. grocery lists. chore lists. party planning lists. timeline lists. and life lists.  I guess it's the idea or rush of accomplishment you feel while crossing off an item. Below is my living breathing lists of my life lists. I'm hoping this list serves as a roadmap to help navigate and keep me focused on the road of life!
Dhara's Life List --- 7/2010

~ Fly a kite on the beach
~ Go sky-diving
~ Eat a whole Maryland crab
~ Boating in Central Park
~ Ride the gondolas in Venice
~ Be more diligent in writing thank you notes
~ Picnic on the beach with champagne and strawberries
~ Visit every state --- sooo far behind.
~ Experience Mardi Gras
~ Sail the Greek Islands
~ Learn how to knit and knit a hat for my sister's new addition
~ Go strawberry picking
~ Make dolmas or better yet take dolma making classes in Greece
~ Make homemade butter!
~ Bake chocolate souffles!!!!
~ Join and be an active member of an inter-faith club
~ Resolution: Learn and bake 26 new desserts by the end of the year
~ Complete a 30-day Bikram challenge (i've come as close to 28 days twice and either got sick or had to leave town)
~ try Acupuncture
~ Cook a steak
~ drive a moped
~ play golf
~ learn how to swim
~ go on a cooking tour in Italia!
~ Bike/Segway across the Brooklyn Bridge
~ Volunteer for a kids cause (suggestions welcome)
~ Have dinner at Il Trulli, Le Bernadin, Country...this is an endless list
~ Start my own business (have an idea...details to follow)
~ Go on a wild food tour through a national park
~ Run a half-marathon
~ Ride the trolley to Roosevelt Island
~ Hike Mt. Washington
~ Rollerblade through CP with The Suitor
~ Start a herb garden
~ Learn how to drive and get my license! (Give me a break --- I grew up in NYC!)
~ Sign up for creative writing classes
~ Eat at SMAC
~ swim/float in the Dead Sea
~ Wine tasting through France
~ ride in a hot air balloon
~ paraglide
~ Own a home with a pear tree
~ Make my own lavendar and fennel ice cream
~ Contribute $$ to "House of my Dreams" fund
~ Start paying off student loans :-(
~ Finish watching the Godfather trilogy
~ Ride the HSBC cab
~ Roast a Thanksgiving turkey
~ Host Thanksgiving dinner
~ Launch Edible Bits personal cooking classes
~ Have a dark & light beer at Mc Sorleys
~ Brew my own batch of beer
~ Make a dish with rabbit
~ Cook a dish from Jose Garces' cookbook
~ Have a coffee at the first four-bucks in Seattle!
~ See the pyramids
~ helicopter over NYC & Paris
~ Walk the Great Wall
~ Cooking classes at Le Cordon Bleu
~ Vacation centered around drinking/cooking my way through Tuscany
~ Go on an African Safari
~ Take pottery lessons and make my own clay-pot
~ Make a scrapbook
~ Cook through Mario Batali's Musto Gusto cookbook