Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lost Looking for Found

Love is strange, love is wary, love is hard, and love is scary--but without it life is a desert....the peculiar magical alchemy of love has left many astray...I now find myself at a cross roads....

You know what was awesome? When I had this blog a la drama free on the side. The past couple of months have just been increasingly tumultuous. Sense is unheard of...however to stick to its true form tonight we visited a cozy little vino bar with a vast selection of worldly vines and a  spectacular tapas menu!!  I have to admit the cherry on the cake was definitely the quirky yet irrefutable wine descriptions...

I started off with a wine that was "prepared with some naughty spice" the Tinto Joven from Spain! Truly a spectacular wine with great after notes..however I draw my hats down to a shepherd of all wines described as "liquid barbeque". Some may squint or be repulsed however picture this...a spicy spanish influenced wine paired with smoked chorizo! Can you say YUM or can you say YUM! It's like this was a match made in Dhara's heaven!!!  I'm not into biblical references however a match definitely made in the culinary vineyards of "naughty spice" can prove no wrong!

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