Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kissin' a Fool

If you're going to be kissing a fool, it might as well be one who has the power to seductively leave you speechless! Today I found myself in this exact predicament --- kissin' a fool. But not in the context one would expect!

Not how many of you are familiar with squash blossoms but for those of you scratching your head and squinting your eyes in befuddlement, they are the flowers which bare squash. If you're lucky, as I was this past week, you'll be able to find them attached to baby squash. These sweet tender flowers can be roasted, fried, added to salads or blended into a soup, all of which have the ability to seduce your mouth into a delectable trance.

I personally prepped mine without the baby squash.  Lightly poaching then shocking them ice water to maintain the bright crisp sanctity of the flower. I stuffed the blossom with a honey accented goat cheese mousse drizzled with toasted pistachios! The tanginess of the goat cheese, coupled with the sweet nuttiness of the pistachios and delicate cloy of the blossoms left me kissing a fool - in this case _____! (you fill in the blank)

Recipe to follow - Check back soon!

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