Friday, October 1, 2010

...and a month later

There's way too much going on right now and when I have more time I promise to elaborate but here's the bite size version:

- Really started my job search about 3 weeks ago (since graduation is right around the corner) and was getting so emotionally discouraged with ZERO responses
- Living out of a bag with all the traveling for interviews = zero time for Bikram and elevated stress levels
- No response to my follow-up from the Managing Director's Office after 6 months of interviews...extremely bizarre, they were so responsive to my follow-up for the first 4 months!

Fast forward to this week: 

- MONDAY/TUESDAY: get a job offer from Corporate Ralph Lauren and they want me to start Wednesday in NY! Within a split second decide to move to NY. Parents overjoyed since I'll be moving home temporarily. The Suitor elated since this will mean we'll be living together again SOON! Switch my classes, allowing me to complete them from NY.

- WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: @ RL and get a voicemail from the MDO offering me the job of my dreams in Philly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Halt the move to NY. Quit RL. 

- FRIDAY: Off to Ft. Lauderdale

And the best news of all, expecting my first niece/nephew literally within a week!!!!!