Monday, June 27, 2011

Sleepless in...

Sleepless isn't just a condition in Seattle or Philadelphia for that matter. I have never been a foreigner to sleepless nights but lately I have felt like an stranger within my own norm.  I lay awake, think about the steps in life. My steps in life. Were they right or wrong? How did I grow? What have I learned? 

If our steps had been different, keeping us an "us," in New York or otherwise, where would we be? Would they be subtle and expected or larger than life and spontaneous.  It wouldn’t be drama. It would be us. An us as normative as a bat of an eye.  We’d explore the random nooks and crannies of the City we made home. Wine & dine all while cultivating our own moments. We would break bread, be it ravenous at a Whole Foods, because we can hardly contain ourselves, or at home, barefoot gestures on tippy toes standing in front of the fridge, melting into one another. We'd live, like living should be....


  1. Racing thoughts are hard to sleep through. You should try eating a cup of grapes before bed. They have a lot of natural melatonin in them to help you go to sleep.

    1. have you tried eating before going to bed? Baking soda baths or light therapy before bedtime. No need to suffer. I know my mind races to before I go to bed this is due to darkness and what it does to our body.