Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun Filled Weekends!

***I need to preface this blog with a few explanatory words. I thought I posted this blog about 2 weeks ago, but I guess not...Somehow I recall having technical difficulties, then receiving an enticing phone call and POOF I somehow this post got lost in the pre-blogging world :(  **

So I'm back in Philly after what may have been the most exhausting 5 days ever! However I must admit the BlogHer '10 conference was every bit amazing as I had anticipated! Met some wonderful women, got some great advice/tips/suggestions and swag, but now I'm let playing hookie, too drained to even throw together a salad, sitting on my couch flipping through the latest issue of Food & Wine.

Highlights of the weekend:

Thursday: BlogHer: White House Project - Lea Webb: got to chat and connect with Lea Webb. A truly inspirational woman. She is the youngest and first colored Council woman in Binghamton, who fought to build the first grocery store in a town, where occupants had to travel 15 miles to find the closest grocery store.

Friday: Live blogged for 2 events. The first was Gen Y Passionistas and got to meet "Eating Bender", someone whose blog I have been following for years. It was quite a surprise and when I met her...I felt as though I had known her forever! And she's every bit down to earth as she emanates through her blog! I just wish I had more time to blog talk with her in person...but I suppose email will have to suffice!

Saturday: Live blogged for another 2 events. Got to meet Jessica Bern from bernthisAwesomely Luvvie and Lizz Winstead who is one of the co-creators of The Daily Show! These women are truly hilarious and this was probably one of my favorite panels!

Saturday evening consisted of dinner and drinks with The Suitors parents. We started off at La Bottega, the outdoor bar of the Maritime Hotel, which has amazing drinks and some of the trendiest NYC crowds during the evening hours. Then we made out way over to Chelsea Market and had dinner at The Green Table, which is a farm to table restaurant and may I say not a single dish was disappointing. Even the burgers looked astounding, and I'm not one to rave about beef!

Sunday: The Suitor, his parents and I went biking down the West Side Highway and per tradition making our ritualistic stop at The Fairway market. Every time I go inside, no matter how many times I've already been there, I am mesmerized! For those of you who live in NYC, please please please do yourself a favor and check out the Fairway market. I hear if you have a group of 10 people anywhere in the City, they will provide door to door service for FREE!

We ended the evening restaurant hopping along the UWS. We went from mediterranean to mexican to oysters on the half shell and back mediterranean. Truly a memorable weekend, but by the time it was over I was ready for Monday.

I wish I had pics from this weekend for you but true to tardy self...forgot my camera!

Oh BTW - for those of you who live for celebrity news ---- during the conference I was at the "Got Milk" booth and guess who comes up behind me asking what this stuff is???  None other than Padma Lakshmi! I have to say she has the most beautiful velvety caramel skin I've ever seen!

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