Saturday, July 31, 2010

Labor of Love

I MADE BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I MADE BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to the culinary wisdom of Kiss My Spatula.

Most of you culinary geniuses are probably thinking "so what's the big deal!" The big deal is I MADE BUTTER!!!!  I was stunned, amazed, floored, mystified, in the most positive sense, by the transformation from heavy cream to whipped cream to butter...who knew it's that simple! It was nothing short of fascinating! After pouring the heavy cream into the food processor I was certain I would screw this up and waste a perfectly great pint of heavy cream. But somewhere in between heavy cream and whipped cream the clouds parted and the light shined through, clearer than ever before! 

Who knew it was so simple? I know my great grandmother and her mother used to make their own butter in India, but always assumed it was quite a laborious ordeal.  I have visions of my great grandmother churning a mammoth sized pole into an equally mammoth of a clay pot for hours and hours on end, to create a few savory morsels (she must have had some arms!) and it only took me a push of a button and 10 minutes!!! For some reason I'm taken back to elementary and feel ashamed, as if I cheated on a major exam.  

Now you know I'm never buying ready made butter, especially when I can create this ultra luxurious, creamy, decadent piece of perfection on my own!  In the coming weeks I plan to experiment with all sort of buttery goodness from orange butter to ramp butter to pound cake - the simple thought is pure heaven! (My bum may have it's own take on this, but at the moment I'm far too tempted to care)

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