Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hello Beet-a-ful!!

So I fell across this amazing yet so simple grated raw beet salad on the NYTimes recipe during my ritualistic procrastination. I must admit, being the foodie that I am I have yet to try raw beets. Don't misunderstand me, j'adore beets, but I've always had them roasted with some goat cheese, red onions and tangerines or part of a salad.  

Anyway, I came across some amazing beets at the local farmers market the other day and woke up this morning feeling pretty adventurous! So I followed the recipe as instructed but in true Dhara form tweaked it with a few additions, like the feta and red onions! I must admit, it was YUMMYY!!!

I also set aside a portion of the grated beets for later tonight. I have a friend visiting from out of town and prior to heading out to Sampan, for what is the most orgasmic thai food ever, I plan on having apps at home. So what's on the menu? The mixture of grated beets served over crisp endive leaves combined with candied walnuts drizzled with gargonzola! How heavenly does that sound??!?!?!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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